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These Are The 3 Most Popular Sneaker Models In Australia

Certified heat on an unmatched level, or all-too-commonplace these days?

Australian sneaker culture has hit something of a plateau. Those still in the game for the rarest, most valuable kicks are still kicking around, if a smaller subsection of the culture (pun intended). The less commited, who came in and out of the scene around the midpoint of the decade, have fallen away, and buoyed by the increasing accessibility of once rare models, the day-to-day sneaker scene is now healthier than ever.

As a result, Sneakers are now an elevated wardrobe option from the casual to the formal, and have become commonplace in the wardrobes of everyone from pre-teen girls to middle-aged men who once clung to their boat shoes for dear life. Put simply, sneakers are here

Now, new research from Forward2Me has analysed a year's worth of sneaker searches on google, revealing just what kicks Australians covet above all the rest.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it wasn't all Yeezy and Off-White. Rather, the tide is shifting towards a sneaker culture that's becoming more approachable and accessible for people with less disposable income, as evidenced by the constant availability and admitted timelessness of Australia's top 3 most popular sneaker models.


1. Adidas NMD

We remember the week when the first NMD_R1 dropped, fusing an ultra-sleek profile with enough structure to look fly and a boost sole for extreme comfort. We thought we'd never get our hands on a pair. Oh, how wrong we were. Since then, so many colourways and variants of the NMD have become available, it's come to dominate a market full of peopleh people looking to cash in on an easy, comfortable way to rock a little bit of low-key heat.

It's not just in Australia. The NMD was the most searched-for sneaker in 16 different countries this year, second worldwide only to the omniprescent Adidas Superstar.


2. Adidas Ultraboost

In a year where Adidas truly established itself over Nike as the everyman's sneaker of choice, the Ultraboost once again flourished. Boasting a reputation as both a top-quality runner and a much-hyped streetwear option in its more monotone colourways, the versatility and futuristic sillhouette of the Ultra Boost has seen it to incredible success in a variety of different models.

Having the Ultraboost's Parley Ocean Plastic variant sell quite literally in the millions definitely helped, too.


3. Nike Air Force 1

A bronze medal for Nike this year, and despite the constant success of timeless retro-running models like the Air Max 90 in other parts of the globe, it was the Air Force 1 that rose above the rest in Australia.

Looking around any time you step into a crowded street or shopping centre, it's not hard to see why: helped immensely by the shift in popularity towards a chunky aesthetic in footwear, they're the clean white sneaker of choice right now for just about everyone, from high-schoolers to eastern suburb bar hoppers.

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