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Certified heat on an unmatched level, or all-too-commonplace these days? PHOTOGRAPHER: COURTESY OF FOURTY-THREE EINHALB Australian sneaker culture has hit something of a plateau. Those still in the game for the rarest, most valuable kicks are still kicking around, if a smaller subsection of the culture (pun intended). The less commited, who came in and out of the scene around the midpoint of the decade, have fallen away, and buoyed by the increasing accessibility of once rare models, the day-to-day sneaker scene is now healthier than ever. As a result, Sneakers are now an elevated wardrobe option from the casual...

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The Homecore pop-up on the Champs-Élysées in Paris. Laurent Clement It was powerhouse Louis Vuitton that kicked off the streetwear-crossover obsession with its hugely successful collab with skate brand Supreme. Then there was the incredibly well-marketed tie-in between buttoned-up Ralph Lauren and cult label Palace, whose sweaters and brightly patterned pajamas sold out in minutes last winter, as well as, earlier this year, 120-year-old luggage brand Rimowa’s dreamy line of roll-aboards with L.A.-based mixed-media artist Alex Israel. Meanwhile, the collaboration between Brit punk maven Vivienne Westwood and sports champ Asics landed in April. This mash-up of off-duty cool and old-school fashion heritage isn’t slowing...

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