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Fall Collection

Urbanworld Fall Collection 


Much like the culture of hip-hop, urban fashion has evolved as well as matured since arrival on the scene in the early 1980s. Hip-hop was the new musical innovation at the time and the artists began to become stars in their own rights. As their fan base grew, so too did the entire genre. As with any other culture or subculture, this one developed its unique style which became known as “urban”.


UrbanWorld Fall Collection for 2018 has a great streetwear style. This is dressing like you are just running out of JD Sports and this streetwear is now considered chic – just ask Vetements’ Demna Gvasalia, Alexander Wang, and Kanye West. Street style is now the ultimate fashion trend.

Fall Collection

This collection for fall from UrbanWorld includes many trending jackets including Basic One jacket. Basic One is a musical group from the island of Aruba. This music is a combo of, dancehall, reggae, R&B, hip-hop, and Caribbean styles. This is fashion that would fit their musical style and not only includes the jacket but also a fleece sweatshirt.

High Fashion

There are also two patchwork jean jackets included in this collection. There are many cozy jackets and sweatshirts both hood and non-hooded looking like they came from someone’s trash collection – but hey, that is the point of Urban Streetwear. It looks like something you bought years ago and has style, comfort as well as warmth. Pair this with track pants, or leggings together with an “Alien” bucket hat or Urban Wear beanie with DHL Streetwear socks – you are in High Fashion.

Social media

Basically, this Fall Collection looks as if you are coming or going to the gym for your daily workout. It is casual, stylish and at the top of the fashion world this season. You can follow UrbanWorld on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to see new exclusive Streetwear first.


UrbanWear is headquartered in Europe but – get this – has shipping that is permanently free.


Accessories have some stunning gold necklaces and pendants by “Hip Hop” and “Iced Out”. Very stylish designer sunglasses and a wide selection of luxury watches for both men and women. All these accessories go well with the jackets, sweatshirts, pants, and caps.

Just don’t care

All this fashion seems to say to the world that you stay tuned and: Just don’t care.


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